Don’t miss your chance to be recognised in the Yorkshire Business Masters

As the country looks forward follow the final of the 2020 European Cup, which didn’t end quite how England fans wished, we were reminded of how inspiring hope and the possibility of winning can be!

In fact, it’s a universal truth that teams are encouraged, emboldened and excited by winning, and the recognition of all the unseen hard work it signifies.

This truth translates from the pitch to the boardroom and is as relevant for teams in your business as it is for football players and fans.

The Yorkshire Business Masters awards give you the opportunity to celebrate your company’s successes over a challenging twelve months. Despite the difficulties faced by many in 2020, it was a period that brought out outstanding qualities of collaboration, determination and inspiration.

We want to hear about and celebrate your successes as our Business Masters return in person this October.

Enter the Business Masters awards for free and let your team enjoy the possibility of winning too.

You have until Friday to submit your entries…and we promise there will be no penalty shoot-outs.

The awards are sponsored by Sheffield City Region Combined Authority, Lupton Fawcett, and Boxphish.

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