Refrigeration and air conditioning firm scores with football stadium contract

Commercial refrigeration and air conditioning specialist, Pinder Cooling & Heating, has been appointed by Bradford City AFC to support the renovation of its function suites.

The Bradford-based firm is to install new cellar cooling systems at the Utilita Energy Stadium to prepare for the clubs new pouring rights partner.

Bradford City AFC is currently undergoing a major refurbishment to its banqueting suites, with the intention to make improvements in its hospitality and banqueting suites in The JCT600 Family Stand.

Davide Longo, commercial director at Bradford City AFC, said: “We would like to thank our friends at Pinder Cooling & Heating for their commitment to the work in our hospitality suites.

“Over the past six months, ensuring we are able to provide an all-round better product, both on and off the field, has been high on our list of priorities.

“One of the biggest areas of this was to address the situation in our hospitality and banqueting suites, focusing on how we can serve a better, colder beverage to supporters on matchdays and when hosting events.

“The help of Andrew and his hard-working team has enabled us to take forward steps in this regard, and have a good, quality offering in our suites which we can be pleased with.”

Pinder Cooling & Heating has been providing HVAC services and installations to clients across the UK since founding in 2016.

In recent years, especially since the pandemic hit, the firm has witnessed an increase in demand for the maintenance of air conditioning units and new cooling systems within the hospitality sector.

Andrew Pinder, founder and director at Pinder Cooling & Heating, said: With the recent lockdown, a lot of hospitality businesses have had to close and turn off their equipment.

“This has caused a number of issues but with the roadmap so uncertain, businesses are quite rightly reluctant to invest in new equipment.

With Bradford City undergoing a renovation, they recognised the importance of having new refrigeration systems installed and this will set them ahead.

“With them opting for the maintenance service, we can work alongside them to ensure any of the future problems that many are facing as we begin to reopen the economy, are limited.

Our entire team is delighted to be working with such a credible organisation and one which gives so much back to the community.

“As a Bradford firm operating across the UK, we still like to work with and support those in our region, so the Bradford City contract means a lot to us.”

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