Health tech company grows its offering

Christina Colmer McHugh

Health tech company Moodbeam has launched a brand-new app aimed at supporting businesses and their employees, as a result of feedback from existing users and its ongoing adaptation by businesses through the pandemic.

The new app reflects the evolution of the Hull-based company’s unique solution to understanding and appreciating how employees are feeling at work via real-time reporting. The app like the firm’s wearable product, will allow users to directly input their mood entry at any given time, acting as a conversation starter and providing employees with a voice within the organisation.

Moodbeam’s format means users press a yellow button to input a happy report, and a blue button for an unhappy one and was originally inspired by the founder, Christina Colmer McHugh’s daughter who at the time was a seven year old girl struggling to deal with a tough situation at school.

Since then the business has grown from offering the only solution to help connect parents to their children to also allow businesses to track and measure the emotional wellbeing of their employees.

The system tracks the data within an online dashboard allowing the visualisation of patterns and a positive conversation by enabling users to see if there’s a particular team or location that is tracking a much more positive happiness pattern, This allows business leaders then identify why this is and ideally replicate it across other areas of a business.

The app-only version of Moodbeam for Business is launching as free for up to ten users, allowing employers the option to trial the uptake and engagement within its staff body before taking out larger subscriptions. With the initial ten users remaining free even when larger subscriptions are taken out by an organisation.

Colmer McHugh said: “Moodbeam is all about gaining a true understanding of situations, taking successes and failures forward as learnings in a manner that brings teams together to create the changes when and where they are needed the most. This new subscription model – with a set number of free users – allows smaller teams to try the approach and ensure the buy in needed from staff to make a real success of the software, without huge financial strain.

“The pandemic changed everything when it came to how, where and why we work, and we have adapted our offering in line with that and feedback from users to ensure Moodbeam provides businesses with the best tool possible to add to their approach to staff wellbeing.

“It’s more important than ever that we find new ways of giving staff members a voice, and a method of providing real-time feedback on things in a manner that doesn’t rely on being in the same room. While many businesses are beginning to make a return to the office now restrictions have lifted, most are doing so under a hybrid approach, which is where technology can help with keeping everyone connected.”

Alongside changes to the software, the business has also adapted its physical device. The original wearable wristband remains available but is also joined by a new lanyard – The Pod – which has been developed for business use, and will include access to the app and was developed from feedback by previous users on what suits a business environment.

Colmer McHugh concluded: “At Moodbeam, we are all about using technology for good, and we firmly believe this new approach is a true hybrid solution for a hybrid workforce. It’s adaptable and scalable for businesses large and small and puts the power into people’s hands to help them show what happiness – work-related or not – looks like to them.”

Moodbeam is an example of the tenacity of the tech scene within the North and how businesses are looking to tackle challenges and make a positive impact through disruptive technology.

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