Supplement seller expands into Europe

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Sheffield-based nutritional supplement company, Supplement Hub, has opened an EU distribution centre in the Netherlands this month following significant company expansion.

Supplement Hub is the B2C arm of the Functional Nutrition Group and sells supplements to consumers online.

The group also owns Amrita Nutrition, a B2B provider of supplements for nutritional practitioners to prescribe to their clients.

David Brassey founded Functional Nutrition in 2007 after struggling to find supplements for his patients that contained optimal levels of the highest quality active ingredients. In the decade that followed, it became so successful that he launched Supplement Hub in 2019.

The Functional Nutrition Group has now grown substantially, achieving an £8m turnover in the last financial year.

Although Supplement Hub ships to customers worldwide, the introduction of Brexit meant shipping products to Europe without delays and customs charges became increasingly challenging.

The expansion into the EU ensues the business remains agile and profitable in overseas markets despite the challenges presented by Brexit.

Its EU warehouse in the Netherlands is now fully operational with a distribution and fulfilment warehouse team.

Supplement Hub has also hired a management team to oversee the business activity in the EU. The company growth has created an additional six employees in the last year bringing the team to a total of 17.

Brassey said: “The EU expansion of Supplement Hub heralds an exciting period of growth for Functional Nutrition and is a crucial part of our vision to see people live healthier, longer, and more enriched lives by taking greater responsibility for their own health and wellness through the use of natural healing methods.

“Only a few businesses are capable of significantly improving peoples’ health, happiness, and quality of life. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which we intend to seize.”