Webinar: Minimising the fallout from your fall-out!

Most businesses form on the pillars of an idea, a need and a whole lot of good intentions.

Founders often set forth with a belief that friendship and shared vision is enough to sustain them through even the toughest of times.

Sadly, the reality is that when things go wrong, the way that a partnership or business is formed can be crucial in protecting the interests of all parties.

Join the latest webinar from The Business Desk, in partnership with Walker Morris LLP, to hear some of the experiences that businesses have had, how problems arose and, most importantly, how issues could be avoided through watertight partnership/shareholder agreements or agreement at the outset about the position on exit.

Our expert panel features Lynsey Oakdene and Louise Norbury-Robinson from Walker Morris alongside Matthew Geale from Armstrong Watson who over the course of 45 minutes will provide case studies, advice and examples of best practice that can support business growth and protect the founders when things go wrong.

The free to attend webinar will take place on 16 February at 10am.

Register now to learn about the common themes of disputes and how external factors can and have added recent pressure over recent years.