Community Foundation Spotlight

Colin Grist and Thomas Nadin are directors at Few and Far, a creative studio which works with charities to inspire their audiences and spread their causes across the globe. They also recently became members of Leeds Community Foundation.

Both men recently sat down with to explain their motivation for joining the community foundation and what inspires them to make a difference.

They explained that the membership “enables the Foundation to deliver vital grants and provide trusted expertise to community organisations in the area”. Adding that as a company working within the third sector the business was “always looking at other ways” they can help to do more, “because we must be part of the change we want to see in the world.”

In particular the two directors were passionate about supporting mental wellbeing and health as well as tackling the challenge of homelessness.

They said: “Mental Health is something we have both suffered with over the years and promoting mental wellbeing and breaking the stigma around mental health and talking about it, is something really close to our hearts.

“Homelessness is also something we want to help eradicate in the city. One of our longest clients is St. George’s Crypt who help the homeless and vulnerable of Leeds.

“It was incredible to see these people who have struggled for so long come out of the other side and become upstanding citizens of the city.”

The two directors also explained how the pandemic had given them time to reflect on the world around them and what they “wanted the agency to do more of moving forward” which led to them becoming members of the Community Foundation.

They added that: “The Leeds has such a diverse community which helps the city feel open and accessible to anyone from any background.

“Leeds Community Foundation is doing great things in the area [but] they can only help more good causes do even more of the work they want – and strive to do – with membership help.”

The duo urged that if anyone loves the city and wants it to be the best it can be then they should “get involved” with the foundation

Leeds Community Foundation creates opportunities for all by working with partners to make a positive impact within communities across Leeds and Bradford. We do this by generating and investing philanthropic giving as well as maximising statutory funding to deliver grants and provide trusted expertise into Community Organisations, benefitting thousands of local people. You can support the work directly through an annual donation via Leeds Community Foundation membership which enables the organisation to create meaningful social impact for thousands of local people each year.

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