Union calls on the Government to save Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Workers whose jobs have been put at risk by the possible closure of Doncaster Sheffield Airport are calling for state intervention to keep the airport open and save their jobs.

The GMB trade union, which represents staff at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, is calling for national government, local councils, and the South Yorkshire mayor to consider all options to save the airport, including public investment in the site.

Sarah Barnes, GMB regional organiser, said: “Government inaction, when jobs are on the line, is unacceptable. We know the money can be found, as a Conservative mayor was given the money by a Conservative UK government to buy Teesside airport.

“So why aren’t they offering the same for Doncaster? £55m each year into the local economy, 800 jobs directly and thousands indirectly are on the line, as well as the holiday dreams of thousands of holidaying families.

“We need to see the government step in quickly and commit money to save Doncaster Sheffield Airport. That’s the best way we can secure its long-term future.”