Utility services group hit by cyber security incident

Sheffield-based utility services business, Fulcrum, says it has recently managed a cyber security incident after detecting unauthorised activity on its network.

The business says this activity has ceased and the Group’s IT systems have been securely reinstated.

A spokesman for the company added: “On becoming aware of the activity, Fulcrum immediately implemented its incident response plan, engaged its external IT specialists and took precautionary measures, including initiating outages of its IT infrastructure. 

“The majority of the Group’s field operations were able to continue. However, access to and visibility of managerial and system information has been limited and work is ongoing to ameliorate this and assess the impact on the business, if any.

No data was breached or accessed during the activity.

“The Board is cognisant that similar cyber security incidents have affected various other businesses recently and the Board will provide a further update as and when appropriate.”