Leeds city centre building fire investigation underway

An investigation is underway into a major blaze at a building under renovation in the centre of Leeds.

The fire at the empty Leonardo building, near Millennium Square, broke out at about 7.50pm on Saturday.

No one was hurt in the incident but the fire “had the potential” to be even worse than it was, according to a West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service spokesman.

Incident commander Dale Gardiner said the fire had involved a plastic covering along with scaffolding on the top floors of the property.

He said investigators were examining the building and more details about what had caused the fire was expected later this week.

He added the plastic wrap around the building caught fire first but the majority of the flames were from scaffolding, which hampered firefighters’ access.

Gardiner said: “The crews worked fantastically hard to stop that spreading to further buildings.”

The fire “did have the potential” to be much more serious because of the location, close to bars and restaurants and other occupied buildings.

The nearby Leeds City Museum said it would close on Sunday but that it had not been damaged by the flames.

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