Peddler Market to launch at Tileyard North

Tileyard North, located in Wakefield, has emerged as an example of the power of collaboration within a creative space. As a multifaceted creative hub, it offers a diverse range of facilities, including workspaces, music studios, and event spaces. With the impending launch of Peddler Market at Tileyard North  on 18 and 19 August – a public event that aims to bring together the creative and local communities – they are on a mission to curate a destination for talent, opportunities, and play. 

At the core of Tileyard North lies a deep-seated commitment to collaboration. It provides a nurturing environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds and creative disciplines can collaborate and exchange ideas. The shared passion for their respective crafts serves as a unifying force that fosters innovation and unlocks new creative possibilities.

While Tileyard has gained a reputation as a haven for musicians, its collaborative ethos extends beyond the realm of music. The new hub’s array of offices and event spaces cater to a broad spectrum of creative industries, fostering an environment where startups, freelancers, and established businesses can coexist and thrive. This unique fusion of industries encourages cross-pollination of ideas, promotes innovation, and provides a rich ecosystem of networking opportunities.

As Tileyard North continues to expand its influence, the eagerly anticipated launch of Peddler Market at Tileyard North promises to be a game-changer for the local community. This event will serve as a vibrant platform for food, drink, music, art, and the start of a partnership to bring this renowned event to Wakefield.

Nick Keynes, Co-Founder of Tileyard North, celebrated the announcement of Peddler Market launch, sharing its importance in their opening year at the creative destination in Wakefield. “Our events programming is a very important component of the role out of phase 1 of Tileyard North, so we are delighted to announce our partnership with Ben and the Peddler Market team. The Tileyard ethos is all about embracing the amazing creative talent in the region and Peddler has established itself as the leading street food offering in the North. Bring on August 18/19 for what we hope is the beginning of a long term relationship with Peddler. ”

Ben Smith, Co-Founder of Peddler Market, shared that through this collaboration-focused event, they seek to foster community engagement, stimulate the local economy, and contribute to the cultural fabric of Wakefield: “I speak on behalf of the entire Peddler Events team when I say we are thrilled to introduce Peddler Market to Wakefield. The unyielding appetite, ambition, and vision displayed by the entire Tileyard North team has consistently impressed us, making Tileyard North an ideal match for the values of Peddler. We can’t wait to contribute to the evolution of Wakefield as a vibrant cultural destination. Our ambitious plans will establish Peddler Market as a regular fixture on Wakefield’s creative landscape, shaping it into an integral part of the city’s thriving cultural scene.”

Tileyard stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration within a creative space. As the launch of the Peddler Market draws near Tileyard North’s commitment to curating a destination for talent, opportunities, and play, is poised to create lasting impacts for both the creative and local communities. 

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