Expanding electric heating business doubles size of its base

Garforth-based Trust Electric Heating has invested more than £150,000 into doubling its premises to accommodate a growing workforce, operations, and innovation initiatives for 2024.

In addition to its existing premises, Trust Electric Heating has undertaken a substantial office refit, with the acquisition of a new, 2,000 sq ft unit, totalling 4,400 sq ft.

The move is designed to bolster the ongoing growth of manufacturing processes, provide dedicated spaces for innovation, and create development rooms for testing and research.

Since September 2023, the company’s growth has seen its workforce double from 18 to 32.

This month the company looks forward to welcoming an additional seven team members, across the business, including telesales professionals, installers, and sales engineers.

Last year, the company’s founder and head engineer, Scott Conor was selected from 143 applicants and awarded a place at a Design Engineering Innovation Lab.

This was to help overcome the challenges faced in creating net zero heating solutions and facilitate a faster roll-out of decarbonised heat for buildings.

Fiona Conor, managing director, said: “2024 is set to be a very exciting year for Trust. The investment will enable the company to significantly expand manufacturing capabilities, extend reach in new markets, and bring new innovations to market more quickly.

“The race to hit the Government’s Net Zero target by 2050 means demand for electric heating is high.

“The UK needs to stop relying on fossil fuels and find alternative ways to heat homes.

“We are committed to developing smart, sustainable electric heating technologies to help tackle energy consumption in the UK, and we are seeing a surge in demand from commercial building developers, owners, and managers for more energy-efficient heating systems.”

Later this year, the company will present a study in Australia, which features the findings of a three-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Huddersfield.

The partnership saw Trust’s latest innovations undergo rigorous testing at the university’s ‘Smart House’ research facility, to understand the thermal performance of a radiator and to ascertain the temperature distribution.

Looking ahead, Trust Electric Heating has forecast a fourfold increase in turnover to £5m by the end of 2024.