Iron move to shared ownership model

Glanford Park, home of Scunthorpe United

Scunthorpe United has announced a split of ownership between four of the club’s directors.

Chairperson Michelle Harness has allocated shares to Roj Rahman, George Aitkenhead and Ian Sharp, with the quartet now assuming equal joint ownership of Scunthorpe United Football Club with immediate effect.

Speaking about the decision to divide the club, Harness said: “Nine months ago, I took 92% of the shares of the football club from the previous owner and had Roj, George and Ian at my side from day one. Since September, we have all worked extremely hard to battle the debt we inherited and work towards a more sustainable model. We’re not there yet, but we have made significant strides, and are on course to achieve this in the coming months.

“While we are at the stage where we can run from day-to-day on this sustainable model, I simply cannot grow the football club on my own, and I must also look to safeguard the business should anything happen to me, and should the football club need some additional support.

“Roj, George and Ian have shown a massive amount of commitment to this football club, and have made a big impact in helping us get to where we are today. Having them in joint ownership with myself will only help us progress further as we look to grow our reputation back to the well-run business that we can remember from years gone by.

“I’d also like to thank all the staff at the football club for their tremendous work ethic, determination and drive to bring us through the last nine months, and to the other members of my board of directors, who have all done some incredible work in assisting us to get to this stage.

“I have no doubt you will show your unwavering support to Roj, George and Ian, like you have shown to me so far.”

Vice chairman Rahman added: “What Michelle has achieved in the last nine months is nothing short of sensational. She will always be our Iron Lady, and everyone associated with Scunthorpe United will forever have the upmost admiration for what she has done to ensure there is, and will always be, a football club within our community.

“We’re all just custodians of this football club at the end of the day, and nothing will change as a result of this joint ownership. Scunthorpe United is a club that will always be for the supporters, for the community, and that will not change, regardless of who has the majority of the shares.

“Having had to go through an awful lot in nine months, Michelle wished to further safeguard the future of Scunthorpe United by welcoming George, Ian and I as joint owners. It’s something we’re all delighted to accepted. The hard work doesn’t stop, it only continues to grow, as we work to provide a football club for us all to be proud of.”

Following the splitting of the club’s ownership, the Iron, who will be begin another season in the National League North in next term, has confirmed that Harness will continue as the club’s chairperson, while Rahman will continue as vice chair.