Resilience experts show how to make your firm fitter – seminar

Resilience not only shields firms from adversity, but it allows them to adapt swiftly to unforeseen challenges, ensuring continuity and growth even in uncertain times.

Alongside changes in consumer demand and working patterns and the drag of inflation, the coming year will put a number of operational and financial strains on company owners and management teams not least including refinancing challenges, strains on working capital and stakeholder demands, including HMRC.

Resilient firms have the capacity to innovate, restructure and thrive despite such pressures.’s free Building Resilience seminar on 26 June, sponsored by The Institute for Turnaround (IFT), will explore all aspects of business resilience and restructuring, giving you the information you need to ensure your business can not only weather economic uncertainty, but find opportunity.

Our panel of experts will show you how to recognise early warning signs such as debt ratios, margin erosion and revenue downturn, and discuss remedies such as cash flow and debt management, efficiency and cost reduction, and revenue generation.

They’ll discuss sources of support, including financial institutions and advisors, business support organisations and Government support programmes, and guide you through key restructuring strategies, including operational and organisational restructuring, and debt and equity restructuring, including Part 26A restructuring plans.

The event will take place at DLA Piper, Princes Exchange, Leeds, starting with refreshments at 8.30am, before the panel discussion begins at 9am.

Book your tickets now to gain insights that will help you make your company stronger and more flexible.