Twisted Automotive spends £7m on 240 Land Rover Defenders

TWISTED AUTOMOTIVE has placed a £7m order for 240 Land Rover Defenders which the company said will secure its pipeline of products for the next two years.

The Thirsk-based manufacturer takes a standard Defender and tailors it to the customer’s wishes. It offers a range of four models, provides custom builds, and also restores and improves customers’ existing vehicles.

The company creates around 100 tailored Defenders a year, prices range from £40,000 to £180,000 for vehicles that include a range of performance-enhancing mechanical upgrades and custom interiors.

Twisted has seen a jump in overseas demand based on its reputation for quality engineering and a creative approach to tailoring each vehicle to customer needs. It can spend over 300 hours improving everything from simple bolts, to full engine rebuilds and luxury interiors.

Charles Fawcett, managing director of Twisted, said: “Our new range has attracted a great deal of interest from around the world and our order book is filling up. This is the largest order we’ve ever placed for new Defenders and it will allow us to continue to meet demand over the coming years.

“We continue to invest and grow our export markets, who value our focus on engineering, luxury, and the pure Britishness of the Defender.”

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