Yorkshire firm announces partnership with Antarctic Challenger

Extreme temperatures and a hostile Antarctic environment is set to be the ultimate testing ground for an exciting new satellite communications product that is produced by Barnsley-based SATcase.

Based at Wharncliffe Business Park, SATcase is delighted to announce their partnership with former Royal Marine Commando, Regimental Sergeant Major Barry Gray (‘Baz Gray’) who is embarking on The Challenge Antarctica project. This is an adventure of a lifetime over the next two Antarctic summers and provides the perfect environment for SATcase; a newly designed global communicator and a life-saving device in one.

In November 2018 Baz, who lives in Yelverton in Devon, will journey from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole solo, unsupported and unassisted. This will be a journey of over 700 miles and he will be attempting to be only the third man in history to do this in under one month. It will be Baz’s warm up for phase two in November 2019. Phase two will see Baz attempt to be the first man to cross the entire Antarctic continent from coast to coast (sea to sea) including the two permanent ice shelves. If successful he will become the first man to do this solo, unsupported, and unassisted by kites.

Trevor Parker of SATcase, also a former Royal Marine Commando said: “SATcase is a completely new and unique product that we are launching this month. Unlike other satellite communications products on the market place it is completely ruggedised to withstand the elements and operates at temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. It also enables the user to make calls and has an immediate SOS track and trace facility. We are delighted partner with Baz as he embarks on Challenge Antarctic.

“This is an extremely demanding task and his success will mean he will become the first person in history to achieve such a mission. Every ounce of physical and mental strength will be needed, and we are proud to provide SATcase as an essential piece of equipment to enhance his chances of success.”

For 25 years Baz has been living, learning, teaching, and surviving in some of the most remote places on the planet as part of his service as a Royal Marine Commando and is putting everything he knows into this thrilling challenge. Baz is a very skilled expeditionary mountaineer, he loves to tread new ground with minimal equipment but ensuring safety is of the utmost priority.

Baz Gray, Challenge Antarctica explains: “There is something very special about being somewhere extremely remote, where very few people have been before. No maps, guide books or previous notes makes the adventure so real, generates excitement and can be a constant thrill as well as extremely daunting. This expedition is a world first and I will be entering some of the most remote and dangerous terrain so having the most advanced technology to assist me is vital. SATcase is an exciting new product that is completely new to market. I am excited be the first person to demonstrate its abilities in the harshest of environments. If it performs well in Antarctica it will operate anywhere. This really is the most gruelling and unforgiving terrain and will be a true test of human endurance as well as for technology. Safety and performance are of the utmost importance therefore it is essential I have only the very best and most advanced and innovative equipment at my disposal.”