Duckers & Diving: JJ brings down the curtain on film career

THIS week our dedicated diarist explains why a stalwart of the Birmingham business community is bidding a fond farewell to dreams of Hollywood fame.

That old card John James has lost his film producer’s card.

A sorry blow which seems sure to cramp his style with the acting fraternity.

For several years now, our man has been a director of Intandem Films but latterly the company has undergone a big shake-up.

Founder – and the Midlands’ only movie mogul – Gary Smith has gone and now JJ too has stepped down from the board.

Tragic – you could almost make a film about it. Anyone know a good scriptwriter?

Anyway, the one-time lawyer used to go about with a business card describing himself as a film producer. Even though very sensibly they never let him remotely near a piece of celluloid.

A sort of consultant cum finance adviser, and with more penny shares than you could wallpaper a bedroom with, this apparently justified being credited as ‘executive producer’ – very handy for meeting star struck maidens and wannabe actresses.

Naturally, the Cannes Film Festival was a happy hunting ground for our hero – so, no more trips to the Riviera then, eh JJ?Duckers and Diving

Now working on new ‘opportunities’, the business-executive-around-town is clearly still intent on developing ways of bringing the bright lights to the eyes of the populous.

Our man is nothing if not resourceful, so watch this space.

I fear Hollywood hasn’t seen the last of him yet!