7 ways to stay positive at work

We all feel tired after a day at work, but if you are finding that you are often close to exhaustion then there may be some hidden reasons for this.

According to self-help author Anne Jones, you are very likely affected by the moods, thoughts and attitudes of the people you work with; their words, thoughts and emotions all have an energy charge that can affect you. If you continue to feel depressed and lethargic at the end of every day, then ask yourself if you are in a job that really suits you.

Here are Anne’s ten tried and tested ways of preserving your precious life force at work:

1. Avoid infectious talk and people

Avoid the gossips at the coffee machine as every thought and word contributes positively or negatively to the energy field of the group. Keep your words positive and upbeat and avoid those that want to bring you or others down with their pessimism and negative attitudes.

2. Clearing the vampire hooks
If you are a positive person with a strong mojo you will find that needy people lacking confidence will attach themselves to you. Energetically they hook into you and suck your energy. At the end of every day sweep your hands over your body and intentionally clear away their hooks.

3. Duck the controllers
If there is someone who throws tantrums, sulks, bullies or deliberately puts you down; take evasive action. When they use words that are intended to harm your confidence say to yourself “DUCK” and see their thoughts, words and energy stream flowing over your head.

4. Check your level of responsibility
Make sure you are not taking on responsibilities that don’t belong to you. These burdens will drag you down and give you aches and pains in your shoulders and upper back. Use your hands to sweep your shoulders every day and brush the burdens away.

5. Dealing with angry outbursts
If you interface with difficult people in the office or on the phone, then you will need a quick technique to withstand hostile and aggressive outbursts. Visualise a garage door that you slam down when you come under any form of strong negative attack, whether face-to-face or over the phone.

6. Keep your own energy vital and strong
Use quality essential oils in your bath, on your pillow or as a fragrance. Sandalwood and sage are protective and lavender will help to keep you calm when others are losing their heads! Wear crystals such as obsidian or tourmaline to create a defensive shield. Fresh air, good food, good uplifting company and exercise will help you to restock your energy reserves.

7. Clear the atmosphere
If the day has been filled with anxiety, you need to clear and refresh the atmosphere. Spray around your workspace with a mix of water and essential oils such as peppermint, lemon and sage. If it’s your own office you can burn frankincense or sage as these will neutralise the negativity and raise the vibrations.