SME in Brief: RedBlack Software launches pay-as-you-go system

SME in Brief: RedBlack Software launches pay-as-you-go system

YORK-based software developers RedBlack Software has launched a pay-as-you-go version of its CyBake business management software for bakers.

The new offering is aimed at smaller bakers who will be able to take advantage of the CyBake Core on a rental contract basis.

RedBlack Software says that its own research into the UK’s smaller bakery market suggests that many firms rely on paper-based systems or IT applications that are coming to the end of their useful lives. The firm believes that if the suppliers of such software fall victim to uncertain economic conditions, their customers will be left entirely exposed.

Managing director Jane Tyler said: “Our aim is to democratise information technology in the baking business. While most of our current customers will have at least a handful of staff using CyBake as their main workday interface, we get enquiries from bakers who only need systems for one or two users. Very often, they struggle with spreadsheets and mismatched systems or they have software that is antiquated and suffers from low-levels of support from its original designers.”

It is hoped that smaller bakers will use CyBake Core for functions such as sales order processing, recipe costing and credit control.

Ms Tyler added: “The beauty of our approach is that we custom-fit our solutions to each individual client, large or small. If a smaller baker expands or needs some of CyBake’s more advanced functions, then CyBake Core can be upgraded to their individual requirements by our technicians.”