Leicester director banned for employing illegal workers

A director of a company based in Leicester has become the latest to receive a lengthy ban for employing illegal workers.

Najaranabanu Mubarakhusein Ugharadar, director of Stylz Design UK, of Leicester, which entered into liquidation on 13 July 2016, was disqualified on 17 October 2016.

Najaranabanu Mubarakhusein Ugharadar (date of birth: 31 January 1987), owned Stylz Design UK, which was incorporated on 30 April 2013, with its registered office 109 Coleman Road, Leicester, LE5 4LE.

The company traded as a textile manufacturer, from premises at 93 Constance Road, Leicester, LE5 5DF.

On the 13 July 2016, the company was placed into Creditors Voluntary Liquidation, with liabilities of £120,861, which includes the Home Office penalty listed as £51,667. The total deficiency, including shareholders funds is £115,961.

On 17 October 2016 Najaranabanu Mubarakhusein Ugharadar entered into a voluntary undertaking not to act as a director for six years. His disqualification started on 7 November 2016.

Cheryl Lambert, chief investigator at the Insolvency Service, said: “Employing illegal workers is not a victimless crime. These directors sought an unfair advantage over their competitors by employing people under the radar who were not entitled to work legally in the UK.

“If a company is found to be employing illegal workers and not carrying out the checks they are required to by law, then the Insolvency Service will take action to remove the directors from the market place, regardless of whether the company is in liquidation or not.

“This action is a warning to other employers to seriously consider their duties and obligations.”