Business Bytes: 6 career experts to follow on Twitter

Nowadays, finding a job is easier said than done and with stiff competition for almost any job, it is important that you’re on top of your game and know your industry well. If you’re looking for a job and need some advice on how to land one which isn’t all the same old information you have heard before, get clicking follow on Twitter for these career experts.

1. @JacquelynVSmith 
Jacquelyn Smith is the careers editor at Business Insider and is the author if Find and Keep Your Dream Job, so it is safe to say this girl knows her stuff about careers. Her tweets include links to articles with everything from ’14 tricks to making a good first impression with the hiring manager’ to ’13 signs your co-worker is undermining you’.

2. @JobHuntOrg 
With tweets by job search expert Susan P Joyce, this Twitter feed is definitely worth scrolling down. Susan offers advice on searching for your dream career and how to answer every question possible in a job interview. Not looking for a new job? You’ll like her posts on negotiating your salary then.

3. @BrazenHQ 
If you’re a boss, you will appreciate this Twitter feed. Brazen posts links to articles with everything from how to interview, increasing diversity in your workplace and what to look for in members of your team. They post great advice and more on their website ( ) too which is worth checking out.

4. @Caliyost 
Cali Williams Yost is a flexible workplace strategist as well as an author and innovator, so she is worth taking advice from! Her Twitter feed includes rethinking work-life balance, the new rules of work in this day and age and how to be a flexible leader.

5. @TheCareersBlog 
Leo Woodhead, freelance content writer who is included in The Guardian’s Top 10 career advisors to follow, offers advice and links to worthwhile articles like what hiring interviewers are really thinking and unusual job interview questions you need to be prepared for.

6. @Glassdoor 
Recruitment agency Glassdoor links to their own and other publications websites which are offering great career advice, like how to double your salary and how to quickly update your CV, which is ideal if you barely have any time on your hands.

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