Rise of the robots helps Nottingham firm partner with mortgage network

Andy Wallace

Nottingham-based robotic automation specialist, The Robot Exchange, has announced a partnership with PRIMIS Mortgage Network which it says will help improve the efficiency of the mortgage brokering process.

The Robot Exchange, a company that develops RPA for clients across verticals, has automated three of the network’s core processes; home insurance, protection and mortgage.

Kamaljit Toora, head of quality at PRIMIS, said: “We have been delighted with our partnership with The Robot Exchange, from the initial requirements to capture processes, through to the automation roll-out itself.

“Not only does the intelligent application of automation free up resources, human and fiscal, it also improves the quality and speed of the application process for both our brokers and their customers. PRIMIS has long-been a broker champion and as part of our collaboration with The Robot Exchange, we are confident that we’ll be better able to support the adviser community over the long-run.”

Andy Wallace, CEO of The Robot Exchange, said: “As a business case, there was no doubt of the benefits, both hard and soft, that these automations deliver. As a market, the mortgage application process is a classic application of RPA.

“We are proud to be working with a market-leading network such as PRIMIS, helping them to reduce costs whilst increasing efficiency and freeing up their teams to focus on their core role which is looking after their brokers and customers.”