The Apprentice 2022: how to spell arctic

Francesca Kennedy Wallbank

Following the worst failure Lord Sugar has ever seen, Akshay was ready to see if his nine lives had run out.

Sent to the Samsung KX building, the contestants were treated to Lord Sugar as a superhero in a game – to tee up his ego boost by reminding them he has “deeee-cades” worth of game development experience.

The task this week was to develop a game and pitch it to industry experts.

Switching the teams up Akeem took over team Infinity after years of professional gaming experience, whilst Brittany with zero gaming experience led team Diverse.

Swaying to every idea anyone had, Akeem sent Aaron and Kathryn off to develop the brand, whilst he, Harpreet and Amy developed the game.

Former theatre producer Amy, created a nice convoluted backstory for no one to follow along before settling on a wrongfully convicted female prisoner who was once FBI, trying to break out of jail as the storyline.

Kathryn, who clearly has main character syndrome created the character Amelia Stone, for their game ‘Time’, giving Amelia more cleavage and ‘sexy hair’ to base it off herself. Whilst Akeem continued to agree with everything Harpreet and Amy suggested.

The team leader of Diverse Brittany, decided to go with a sustainable game, where a scientist is trying to stop the ice-caps from melting and save the animals – nice and depressing.

Sending Francesca, Akshay and Sophie to brand the game, they decided on ‘Artic Saviour’ revealing how none of them can spell ‘Arctic’ and called their character the dullest name possible, ‘Sam the Scientist’.

For the pitches, Infinity began with Kathryn dressed as Amelia Stone with some weird cut on her face shouting at the confused professionals “I AM INNOCENT”. They all acted as though they had never presented in their lives with Harpreet tripping up multiple times over her own lack of words.

Brittany however for Diverse, decided to petrify everyone watching. I wasn’t sure if her scary monologue was for the game or for a charity advert to save starving polar bears.

Obviously, they were torn apart for their incorrect spelling of arctic with oblivious Akshay saying “there’s quite a few polar bears in the arctic’ when there is in fact none.

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar revealed Akeem’s team received £60,000 worth of investment, even though he said he’d seen more action in In The Night Garden, with Brittany’s sustainable tragedy receiving not a penny.

Bringing Francesca and Sophie back into the boardroom, Francesca a direct descendent of William Wordsworth, tried to deflect her error as subteam leader with the spelling, saying how no one would have noticed if Sophie was in the team or not – she may have had a point.

Francesca then became the 5th contestant to be fired from The Apprentice. I’m sure if the experience taught her nothing, she at least knew how to spell ‘Arctic’ now.