Green energy business wins 250-home retrofitting contract

A Newark-based provider of fully integrated heating, metering, pre-payment and billing & bureau services has won a contract worth in excess of £50,000 to install Axioma Metering’s smart heat metering technology at 250 homes in Hertfordshire.

WilSon Energy is set to deploy Low Power Wide Area Networking (LoRaWAN) technology at the properties in Stevenage as part of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

LoRaWAN wirelessly connects “things” to the internet in regional, national or global networks.

Andy Wilkinson, CEO at WilSon Energy, said: “With this partnership we are able to provide customers with a one-stop shop solution; the smart heat energy meter, LoRaWAN network and IoT platform.”

The WilSon platform will allow building administrators to monitor and analyse data, use the data for billing, and generate balancing, consumption and leakage reports – including immediate notifications of water leaks.

A spokesperson for the property management company said: “With the previous system that was deployed by a former contractor, the project has been inherently troubled with many issues over the last few years. Residents have been understandably unhappy about receiving incorrect bills or not being billed at all due to technical issues. With WilSon Energy on board we are now able to rectify this.

“We’re looking forward to working with the WilSon Energy team to roll out the latest technology to residents at our Stevenage development. The implementation of this smart metering will provide a myriad of benefits, including accurate readings and a more cost-effective solution for utility bill management. This will ensure accurate billing and help our residents monitor and manage their energy usage.”

Dan Mayfield, WilSon’s support and operations manager, added: “Working together in the market like this, enables us to have a strong focus and accelerate the development of our IoT platform.”