Couple unveil new day care nursery in Nottingham

Amy and Karl Adlington have recently ventured into a new endeavour by establishing a commercial day nursery, called The Playhouse, transitioning from their previous child-minding role.

Amy Adlington has been working as a nursery practitioner in various nurseries around Nottingham, since 2004. After she was dissatisfied with the lack of progression while working for others, she ventured into childminding in 2018. This quickly gained traction, necessitating three house moves to accommodate the growing space requirements.

The team was then expanded by three staff members and within a year in her current house, it became evident that another move was needed, which led them to establish a commercial day nursery.

This new building is located in Wollaton, where they revamped both the interior and exterior to meet OFSTED standards.

Karl Adlington said: “We have committed ourselves to having a warm, home from home, where the children could feel nurtured and cared for, following the Hygge approach of dim lighting, earthy colours and materials, with an overall warm feel. This will feel like an extension of our home that our current families love.”

Having passed the OFSTED inspection on November 22, the day nursery officially opened on December 5th, with its first group of children.

The facility accommodates 60 children aged 0-5 years and offers wrap-around care, with an on-site cook.

Adlington continued: “What is very important to us, is that people are aware that it is a completely new setup, management, company and nothing to do with the old.”