Newark MP quits Immigration Minister role over Rwanda policy

Robert Jenrick MP

Newark MP Robert Jenrick has resigned as Immigration Minister, plunging Rishu Sunak’s already angst-ridden government into another crisis.

Jenrick, an increasingly influential figure on the hard right wing of the Conservative Party, quit on Wednesday evening (December 6) after it was revealed that the Government’s new version of its controversial Rwanda policy wouldn’t allow it to override international law – something which has so far halted plans to deport asylum seekers to the African country.

Writing on social media platform X, Jenrick said that he “[couldn’t] continue in my position when I have such strong disagreents with the direction of the Government’s policy on immigration.”

He added: “As you know, I have been pushing for the strongest piece of emergency legislation to ensure that under the Rwanda policy we remove as many small boat arrivals, as swiftly as possible, to generate the greatest deterrent effect.

“In our discussions on the proposed emergency legislation you have moved towards my position, for which I am grateful. Nevertheless, I am unable to take the currently proposed legislation through the Commons as I do not believe it provides us with the best possible chance of success.

“A Bill of the kind you are proposing is a triumph of hope over experience. The stakes for the country are too high for us to not pursue the stronger protections required to end the merry-go-round of legal challenges which risk paralysing the scheme and negating its intended deterrant.”

Jenrick has been MP for Newark since 2014. He had a majority of 21,816 at the 2019 General Election.


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