Law firm teams up with charity to introduce new strategy

Richard Medd, managing partner at Browne Jacobson

Nottingham-based law firm Browne Jacobson has teamed up with an industry charity to introduce a new pro bono strategy.

The firm has joined LawWorks’ not-for-profit program, which connects member firms offering free legal advice to small and medium-sized not-for-profit organisations meeting specific eligibility criteria.

This enables Browne Jacobson to identify areas where its professional expertise can be voluntarily utilised for worthy causes.

Managing partner Richard Medd said: “As a top 50 law firm, Browne Jacobson is full of incredibly talented people, which brings a unique opportunity – and also a responsibility – for us to make a positive impact on society. We have the power to use our skills and expertise to help those who need it most, and pro bono work is a fantastic way to do just that. It’s a way to bring many of our values and ambitions to life, and we encourage our colleagues to get involved and support our pro bono programme in any way they can.

“I’m thrilled that we have joined forces with LawWorks as part of our active commitment to pro bono work – a key strand of our community action plan – and together we can make a genuine difference in the lives of those who might not otherwise have access to legal services. I’m excited to see the real impact we can make in the communities we serve.”