Nottingham firm dials up new deal with Morrisons

The Nottingham supplier of phone accessories, DSL Group has extended its reach to over 900 Morrisons Daily Convenience stores across the UK.

The company says the expansion will allow it to expand its phone accessory product range to a wider audience.

Karanbir Landa, director at DSL Group,  added that he was “proud” of the opportunity for Morrisons to stock his firm’s products.

He said: “Our ongoing partnership with Morrisons represents more than just a collaboration; it signifies an expansion of our shared endeavours”. 

“With the increasing reliance on smartphones and the bustling pace of modern life, it’s crucial for high-traffic convenience stores to provide an exceptional range of premium phone accessories. As consumers are constantly on the move and relying heavily on their smartphones, the availability of high-quality phone accessories in these convenience stores becomes essential.

“We all share the same belief; innovate, always add value and consistently go above and beyond. It’s our ambition to always exceed expectations and leave everyone who has interacted with DSL, delighted. We’re revolutionising the convenience market sector and our first-class service and products add value to our customer’s experience.”