Funeral director partners with ‘ashes in space’ service

Credit: Aura Flights

Nottingham-based funeral director, A.W. Lymn has teamed up with the world’s first service that scatters cremated ashes in space.

Ashes are taken up to 100,000 feet in an Aura Flights vessel and released into the winds, circling the planet for three to six months before returning to Earth as rain or snowflakes.

It offers a memorable send-off for individuals or loved ones, presenting just one of the many alternative funeral options A.W. Lymn offers.

According to a survey by Legal & General in November 2023, most people are open to futuristic disposition methods, and scattering ashes in space is one of the many ways to embrace this trend.

A.W. Lymn’s managing director Matthew Lymn Rose said: “We are proud to partner with Aura to provide this wholly unique and thoughtful service to our customers. We put the wishes of our clients first and aim to provide them with the goodbye they desire, whatever that may be.

“As more people begin to consider alternative methods to a traditional burial, it’s important that we continue to evolve our offering in line with the needs of those who trust us to help plan what will happen to them when they die. With Aura, we can be sure that our customers are referred to a caring and professional service that will support them through the entire process.”

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