Street food vendor introduces new sweet base pizza

A Nottingham-based street food vendor is gearing up to introduce a new pizza featuring a sweet base supplied by the doughnut brand, Doughnotts.

Working Man’s Kitchen gained widespread attention with its PizzaDog, a hot dog and pizza combo, which became popular when first introduced at Nottingham Forest’s City Ground in 2022.

The business is now collaborating with Doughnotts to introduce another unconventional pizza, this time featuring a sweet doughnut base in place of the traditional pizza dough.

In addition to this pizza offering, they have joined forces to refine a new creation, the Nottsville Hot Chicken burger.

This spicy fried chicken burger is served with a sweet-glazed doughnut bun.

Paddy Sneath, the founder of Working Man’s Kitchen, said: “We’ve had some amazing success with the PizzaDog, which is now synonymous with Nottingham Forest. Some loved it and some didn’t, but sales have continued to go strong. When you come up with these wacky ideas, you never quite know if they’re going to work.

“But, with the doughnut pizza, we tested the nine-inch doughnut base from Doughnotts with a pepperoni pizza topping – and it worked way better than we ever expected. It rises beautifully in the oven and the result is a fantastic combination of sweet and savoury. You’ve got to try it to believe it!”

Megan Scaddan, co-founder of Doughnotts, said: “We’ve known Paddy for some time. He’s great to work with and it’s brilliant that we’re able to join forces in this way. At Doughnotts we’re always looking to come up with different and unusual products. Something to make our customers smile – or give them a taste sensation they’ve never experienced before.

“Paddy’s very much cut from the same cloth. His amazing ideas may at first seem like gimmicks – but you cannot truly say that until you’ve tasted them. And they always prove popular. We can’t wait to see how his customers react to the doughnut pizza and the Nottsville Hot doughnut chicken burger.”