£6m investment sees 25 new buses added to company’s fleet

This summer, trentbarton will welcome over 25 new buses to its fleet, serving routes including the Ilkeston Flyer, the Villager, H1, and the Mickleover.

With a £6m investment, the low-emission buses will help improve the travel experience for customers on Derby routes, connecting towns such as Alfreton, Burton, Heanor, and Ilkeston, as well as numerous villages.

Last year £4m was spent on 20 new buses servicing routes connecting Nottingham, Hucknall, Kirkby, Sutton, and Mansfield, this latest 2024 investment reaffirms trentbarton’s commitment to improving public transport services in the region.

Tom Morgan, managing director of trentbarton, said: “In the last two years we will have invested more than £10 million in more than 45 new low-emission buses, each of which emits less nitrogen dioxide than a new car. This will take the number of low-emission buses in our fleet to more than 200. We’re replacing buses that are more than ten years old in some places, so this will make a significant improvement to the quality of the service we deliver.

“We’re committed to continued investment in our fleet. We’re sure our customers will appreciate the upgrade, encouraging people to see the bus as the best, greenest and most relaxing and productive way to travel.”

The new Enviro200 buses, manufactured by Alexander Dennis, are part of a multi-million-pound order that also includes spare vehicles for the fleet and are designed to be cleaner and greener.

Each Enviro200 will feature three large skylights to brighten the interior, along with super bright LED destination screens, under-seat lighting, and illuminated front logos.

They will also be equipped with USB power at every seat and wireless charging docks.

Furthermore, for the first time, forward-facing next-stop displays will provide live next-stop information for all passengers on board, including those utilizing areas for pushchairs, wheelchairs, and mobility aids.

Alexander Dennis retail sales director Charlie Miller added: “trentbarton continues to live up to its reputation as the really good bus company with these really good Enviro200 low-emission buses. We’re delighted to have again been chosen as a supplier and we look forward to continuing this relationship with another 29 buses new Enviro200 buses this year, as well as supporting the buses throughout their operational life with our AD24 aftermarket service.”