Derbyshire electricity pylon plans to power six million homes

The National Grid is proposing a new 60km (37 mile) route for electricity pylons in Derbyshire.

The route would connect a new substation in Chesterfield to an existing one in Willington, South Derbyshire, with the overhead lines intended to carry six gigawatts of electricity, sufficient to power six million homes, according to the company.

A public consultation for the project will start on Tuesday and run for eight weeks.

The National Grid has stated that much of its infrastructure dates back to the 1960s and requires modernisation.

It has emphasised that current power lines lack the capacity to handle the growing power output from offshore wind turbines.

Project Manager Leanne Evans said: “The Chesterfield to Willington project is one of 17 projects that’s happening across the country. We are expecting electricity demand to double over the coming years and we are seeing an increase in electricity generation, largely in offshore wind turbines and we need to be able to get that energy from where it is generated to where it is needed.”