Estate agent expands into larger office space at Derbyshire business park

Bennet Samways

Residential estate agents Bennet Samways have expanded into a larger office at Ednaston Park Business Centre (EPBC), marking their fourth office upgrade.

The Ashbourne-based firm was founded in May 2021 by Stuart Bennet, former sales director at John German estate agents, and Nick Samways, former owner of Samways Cycles, boasting a combined 35 years of experience.

Since its inception, Bennet Samways have operated out of EPBC and is now set to move into its largest office yet, a four-desk workspace with views of the newly developed Ednaston Barns and surrounding greenery.

Nick Samways, director at Bennet Samways said: One of the many perks of this location is the immediate access to lush grounds, inviting us to step out on invigorating lunchtime walks, spanning a revitalising mile. These moments not only rejuvenate our spirits but also contribute to our overall wel-being, blending productivity with wellness seamlessly. The meticulously maintained grounds stand out providing a serene backdrop for our daily endeavours.

“Moreover, the provision of ample, free parking adds an extra layer of convenience, not just for us but for all who visit. This thoughtful gesture reflects the commitment of this place to prioritise the comfort and ease of its occupants and guests alike. In essence, operating our business from here is not just logical; it’s a clear-cut decision, a testament to the unmatched advantages this location offers.”


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