Fire division of agri-tech firm secures contract worth over £750,000

Light Science Technologies Holdings

The passive fire protection division (PFP) of Light Science Technologies Holdings (LSTH) has secured a contract worth over £750,000 with a blue-chip construction firm.

The contract is with a construction industry leader active in over 120 countries and will see the firm install the Injectaclad cavity sealant throughout an 11-storey student accommodation block in Nottingham.

Work has already begun and is expected to continue until December 2024.

An eight-person team will complete the installation, expected to finish by December 2024, with revenue recognised in the second half of the current financial year.

Additionally, Shaun Tasker has been appointed as the managing director of LSTH IFB. With over 20 years of experience in commercials, sales, and operations, Tasker will focus on growing the PFP pipeline and enhancing the Injecta Fire Barrier brand.v