Business Bytes: What your work desk says about you

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Whether you’re lucky enough to have your own office or you have a desk among your colleagues, your workplace can be a reflection of your personality and how well you work.

A recent study by Marketo found that workers judge their peers on the state of their desks, so it may be time to reconsider what you have on your desk and what it is saying about you. The study identified six personality types based on the style of their desk.

The Minimalist
Your desk is practically empty, with only the absolute necessities around you, like your computer, mouse and keyboard. According to the study, you’re well known in your office for last-minute reports and leaving dirty dishes in the sink. You’re also more likely to keep yourself to yourself and be fairly quiet during meetings. Your motto is “less is more.”

The Hoarder 
Chances are you’re struggling to read this as you can’t see your screen over everything in the way! The study suggests that you want a hand in everything and love giving your opinion. You’re also more likely than others in the office to write long emails and argue with colleagues when they try to throw anything away. Who cares if you’re being judged by other workers, you could survive in an apocalypse longer than them.

The Documentarian 
Your desk is your life and everyone in the office knows what you’re up to. You show off your degree, photos of your travelling days and inspirational quotes. The research found that you’re a team player and will happily help out with any project, as well as finding the time to send funny cat videos around the office. You’re always there to remind everyone about the receptionist’s birthday too, because you never forget anything.

The Techie 
This desk is like a shrine to Apple, scattered with multiple computer screens and gadgets. If you’re a techie, you probably enjoy using buzzwords when talking to your less-techie colleagues and you’re the first to complain about the lack of wi-fi in the toilets. The study added that you’re far too busy video-conferencing to help out with minimal things like a broken printer.

The Sickie 
It’s fairly easy to spot a sickie in your office as their desk is prepared for the next epidemic with gallons of hand sanitiser and a lifetime supply of tissues. If you’re a sickie, you can handle the workload, just as long as you haven’t recently encountered dairy or had a dodgy curry the night before. You’re friendly to your colleagues, but they need to be okay with hearing about your latest illness and they’ve used bacterial wipes to clean their phone.

The Zen Master
Some people call it a desk, but you see it as a spa. You’re a calming influence in your office with your desk covered in plants and maybe even a fish bowl. When you’re not organising lunchtime yoga, you’re giving your colleagues positive feedback and you enjoy being an eternal optimist. However, your laid back vibes sometimes result in you not taking deadlines too seriously.