Oberoi shoots for the stars after buying call-answering firm

Ethel Morris and Kavita Oberoi

Oberoi Business Hub has finalised its takeover of Milton Keynes-based telephone answering service Star21.

The Hub, owned by Derby entrepreneur Kavita Oberoi, has bought Star21 after its founder Ethel Morris.

Morris set up the business in 1998.

“People who do a good job stay in business for a long time. Ethel’s business is all about caring for clients and delivering exactly what they need – they’re all different,” said Oberoi.

“You get to know people really well. Some clients have been with us for so many years that they’ve started, grown and sold their first business, but have stayed with us for their second venture,” added Morris.

Oberoi said: “The working ethos of both companies benchmarks service quality at an extremely high level – the kind of service level you’d normally only get when you’re dealing directly with a good business owner. We have to work hard, but it’s a pleasure to maintain these standards when you see client organisations grow – and that’s our aim at Oberoi Business Hub.

“Maintaining the best standards humanly possible is one thing, but we go the extra mile to make introductions and create a client community so they can support each other in business growth. This is a cornerstone of being an on-site or remote client of Oberoi Business Hub.”

Star21 is the third and largest of the companies that Oberoi Business Hub has acquired, with 164 service lines and 124 clients, of whom 38 have more than one company.

Oberoi said: ““It’ll take many years before I see a return on investment from the merger, but I feel that the money is secondary. I can testify that, if you keep clients happy, the reward comes later.”

Morris will continue to support Oberoi Business Hub and the Milton Keynes virtual office address will remain unchanged.

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