Thal Vasishta

Thal Vasishta is the founder and managing director of Paragon Law and is one of the UK’s leading Immigration Lawyers. He has been specialising in business immigration since 1996. Thal works with some of the UK’s largest companies and niche businesses, advising them on their legal requirements with regard to employing skilled foreign nationals and also advises overseas companies looking to invest in the UK.

As a business immigration solicitor, Thal Vasishta, can do the following:

  • Advise businesses on how they can navigate the points-based immigration system and employ skilled workers from overseas.
  • Advise and assist businesses to apply for and keep their sponsor licence.
  • Evaluate Brexit’s impact on immigration and its implications for businesses in the UK and Europe.
  • Review and implement HR systems and processes to ensure companies remain compliant with sponsorship duties and responsibilities.  
  • Assess the implications for companies with offices outside of the UK and advise overseas companies with business visitor applications and setting up UK subsidiaries.
  • Advise overseas entrepreneurs, workers and investors on the right visa to commence operations in the UK under the Global Business Mobility routes.