Sedulo to create investment fund aimed at eco-friendly products

Manchester-based business advisory group, Sedulo, is creating its own investment fund to invest in consumer brands, particularly those which help protect the environment.

The first investment is into the body care subscription box, Bluefyn, an exciting co-investment with Manchester-based fashion brand sensation, Missy Empire founders Ash and Ish Siddique.

Bluefyn Body Care, founded by Mateer brothers Sam and Josh from Edinburgh, aims to get plastics out of the bathroom by providing a monthly subscription box of vegan, plastic free, organic products.

Products have been selected with personal wellbeing at their heart.

Energy-boosting Mango & Coconut Oil shampoo bar, relaxing Wild Lavender & Ylang Ylang body cream and refreshing Pineapple & Coconut lip balm are, to name just a few, plastic-free products on the subscription list.

These products are supported by the more practical Beechwood-made toothbrushes, and toothpaste tablets to help eliminate plastic from the bathroom, and ultimately out of our oceans.

The website launched on Friday, November 13, with pre-orders currently being taken for monthly deliveries.

The brand allows customers to sign up for monthly subscriptions and customise the box each month with different products.

In a joint statement, the Mateer brothers, aged 23 and 21, said: “We feel people of our generation have to take responsibility for our own future.

“Our small part of making the world a better place is helping remove plastics from our oceans and landfill, whilst creating amazing, healing, beautifully scented, everyday bathroom products for people to experience.

“We are delighted we have secured investment from the Sedulo Innovation Fund and the founders of Missy Empire, who not only invested capital to launch the business, but bring with them an array of expertise and acumen, not forgetting to have fun along the way.

“This was the reason for our decision to go with them as our long-term investment partners.”

Paul Cheetham-Karcz, founder of Sedulo Group, said: “When I met the brothers I was immediately interested in taking their brand further.

“We worked with Sam and Josh for three or four months before we invested, alongside our clients Ash and Ish Siddique, who have built an amazing business in Missy Empire and understand customer acquisition strategies as well as anyone.

“At Sedulo, our mission statement is to ‘make positive change in the communities in which we exist’ and what better way to contribute towards this than launching our own investment fund, and backing an innovative brand like Bluefyn Body Care, with the future of our planet at the centre of its values.”

He added: “During 2021 we aim to launch the Sedulo Innovation Fund more formally, aimed at co-investing in innovative, start-up businesses.”