Culture and strategy at our breakfast event

Marc Yaffe, Leah McGimpsey, Caroline Grant and Michael Taylor

The fascinating journeys of three incredible, talented leaders in their own very different worlds were on show yesterday at the offices of JMW in Manchester.

As one of the delegates posted afterwards – “It was a genuinely interesting and enjoyable session.”

Adding: “All three speakers – Leah McGimpsey from APEM Ltd, Caroline Grant from Slalom and the inimitable Marc Yaffe from JMW Solicitors LLP spoke about many things including the challenges and rewards of acquiring businesses, the importance of recruiting well and the overarching imperative of cultural fit and purpose.”

Leah McGimpsey spoke about the challenge of finding and then integrating businesses with different cultures into APEM, many of whom employ scientists deeply committed to sustainability: “All the six businesses we’ve acquired so far have had a good strong cultural fit.” She gave an example of how the business may approach a potential client in a contentious market, by applying the test of whether the business would make a more positive environmental contribution without their advice.

Caroline Grant discussed how Slalom has evolved as a global business, but the purpose that drives her is about the 120 strong Manchester team she leads. “I’m really excited to keep building something amazing—continuing to connect Slalom with the local business and wider community, as we’re still a relative newcomer to the market. I’ve been working in and around Manchester for the past four years and, I know I’m biased, but I think both the passion and talent of the teams coupled by the dynamism of local business creates a unique and exciting environment for growth.”

Marc Yaffe has stepped into a leadership position at JMW and shared some powerful stories from his early career, in particular how a small case from eBay led to him gaining experience and insights that enabled him to build a reputation as a leading eCommerce lawyer. “Look at the client, not the case,” he said.



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