Consultancy takes part in ground-breaking construction trial

A business and IT consultancy firm specialising in change management has completed a ground-breaking field trial for a digital site management system.

Based at the health and wellbeing innovation centre in Truro, {n}.bora carried out the trial in partnership with KHC Groundworks, to showcase the implementation of streamlined construction processes to enhance communication and optimise resource allocation.

The success of this field trial sets the stage for the official launch of the digital site management system later this year and shows KHC Groundworks and {n}.bora’s commitment to reshaping the construction landscape by embracing technology that enhances project outcomes, minimises environmental impact and drives industry innovation.

Peter Hastings, director at {n}.bora said: “{n}.bora stands for nowydh bora in Cornish, or ‘new dawn’.

“The mission for our rapidly growing firm is to deliver new dawns for businesses worldwide, using a breadth of experience and knowledge, advanced techniques, and a determination to deliver, regardless of industry vertical or client scale. Collaborating with KHC Groundworks on this initiative has showcased our cutting-edge technology combined with their industry expertise, to culminate in a solution that addresses key challenges in the construction sector. We hope this trial marks the beginning of a new era in digital construction management for KHC.”

Kirk Hough, managing director at KHC Groundworks added: “We’re incredibly excited about the outcomes of this field trial, the digital site management system encompasses the best innovative ideas that will transform how our construction projects are managed. It takes paper out of the process, making systems and workflows accessible to employees wherever they may be. The system automates and streamlines processes, delivering on-site information to the office as it is recorded. It also notifies sites of required actions and updated information, ensuring seamless collaboration.”

Matt Harrington, head of Cornwall Innovation Centres added: “The incredible work that the team at {n}.bora are doing shows the appetite for innovative businesses to grow in Cornwall, and be game-changers in multiple industries. Part of our ethos is to help young businesses like this to thrive, and {n}.bora is a shining example of how business support provided at the Cornwall Innovation Centres can help companies to grow from strength to strength.”