Cheltenham hospitality group takes decision to disband


An organisation that was set up to support hospitality businesses in Cheltenham is disbanding.

TURF was set up at the height of the pandemic to support restaurants and bars in the Gloucestershire town.

But a decision has been taken to close down the organisation following a strategic review.

Pak Wai Hung, the owner of 288 Bar & Wok was one of the founding  directors of the group.

He said: “The first duty of any membership organisation is to regularly review its purpose and mission to ensure that it is delivering value for members.

“We are immensely proud of what TURF has achieved and the strength of the links that have been formed between the town’s independent hospitality businesses through our activities.”

He added:  “We were mindful that the challenges currently facing the sector were going to make it difficult for owner-operators to attend the kind of events we had been organising in the past.

“Taking this all into consideration my fellow committee members and I took the decision to wind up TURF now.”

TURF  worked with Cheltenham Borough Council, Cheltenham BID and Marketing Cheltenham and had 45 members.