Green consultancy latest addition to B Corp family

One of the region’s leading carbon reduction advisory firms Greener Energy Futures has been awarded B Corp status.

The accreditation boosts Bristol’s status as the leading regional hub for sustainable businesses in the UK.

The company joins more than 80 other companies in the city who have successfully undergone what is generally regarded to be the ‘gold standard’ certification process in organisational social and environmental business practices.

Simon Pyne, founder and managing director at Greener Energy Futures, said: “Becoming a B Corp is as exciting as it is challenging. The nature of the work we do means we already have a sound working knowledge of how a business can and should reduce its impact on the environment. However, we must also practice what we preach.

“It is not just about operating along more sustainable lines. Being a B Corp places as much emphasis in the social impact element too. We had been doing well on both counts, but we knew we could be better. And that meant holding ourselves accountable to a higher standard that others would recognise.”

Established in 2019, Greener Energy Futures supports organisations across the public and private sectors throughout the UK, including Experian UK & EMEA, Avon Fire & Rescue, Redrock Consulting, and Diocese of Bristol.

“The company set out from day one to tackle climate change head on by helping organisations to identify where they can make carbon reduction changes and, crucially, signpost them to sources of available funding that many businesses do not know exist.

“Moreover, the last few years have shown just how real the threat of climate change really is. The solutions needed both now and in the future will require people with the right skills and knowledge to navigate these challenges. And that is why we have worked closely with Bristol’s universities to provide work experience opportunities for the next generation of climate specialists.”