MBO drives TTC into the fast lane

Jim Kirkwood, chief executive of TTC

Learning and development company TTC is celebrating its 25th anniversary with renewed confidence following an MBO, new investment and and a strong increase in its revenues.

Telford-based TTC  delivers more than 1.5m training hours each year, and is one of the biggest providers in the UK of National Driver Offender Retraining Schemes (NDORS) offering seven police referral courses.

The company now employs 130 staff at its headquarters, as well as a 500-strong panel of approved trainers that deliver NDORS courses and provide other coaching services to 14 police forces across the UK. It has invested £500,000 in infrastructure, recruiting more trainers, developing new technologies for the market and looking to develop its corporate business.

Jim Kirkwood, chief executive of TTC said: “Since the MBO – in July 2017 – we have invested heavily in creating the platform for the next ambitious expansion drive and have successfully merged our cycling businesses into what is now called TTC cycling.”

Cycling is growing in popularity and TTC has seized the opportunity and secured a number of contracts delivering practical training to 25,000 HGV and commercial vehicle drivers so they can better understand how cyclists behave on the road.

Kirkwood added: “Whilst we expect strong growth across all parts of the business, the biggest untapped opportunity is how we can support SMEs and corporates to better manage all aspects of work-related road safety.”

To support this development TTC have created Continuum@, an on-line compliance platform that provides companies with customised training solutions based on a ‘risk score’ for each individual driver.

Kirkwood said: “We have had our first clients sign up and the next 12 months will see this disruptive technology rolled out to many other businesses across the UK.”