Should your business consider moving to the cloud?

The way businesses have worked has changed significantly in recent months, with many looking for flexible, long-term communications solutions that allow their teams to work anytime, anywhere. Ultimately, with businesses working in new ways, they require a communications solution that pairs futureproof connectivity with traditional features to ensure that their teams stay connected. The ideal solution? A cloud phone system.

Fitting perfectly within your comms budget, a cloud phone system offers a system that ensures your teams stay connected, whether they’re working in the office, at home, or on the road. But, is now the time to consider moving to the cloud?

Unfortunately, many businesses have struggled with remote working, due to outdated technology that has resulted in their teams being unable to make, take and transfer calls, resulting in frustrated customers and a disconnection between teams. However, with a cloud phone system, easily making, taking and transferring calls from anywhere is just the beginning. Accessible from anywhere, cloud phone systems offer full flexibility wherever there is a WiFi connection.

Benefits of a cloud phone system

Despite being simple to use, cloud phone systems are packed full of benefits to make your working life that much easier:

  • Perfectly suited for video calling
  • Allow for easy team management, thanks to call reporting and call recording
  • Enables calls to be picked up across any device, meaning no missed calls (or potential sales)
  • Saves your business money on call charges, less hardware and more opportunity for virtual fixes which are cheaper than engineer call out charges
  • No need for cabling, just handsets
  • More scalable than traditional phone systems, allowing you to add and remove users easily
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Feature-rich
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Much faster than traditional phone systems
  • Improved security

Why change now?

‘The cloud’ was already a buzz term in the business world long before lockdown, due to BT announcing that, as of 2025 ISDN lines, which run all traditional phone systems, will become obsolete leaving traditional phone systems unsupported and therefore unusable. This meant that businesses began to look at alternative, futureproof options. It’s strongly recommended that businesses prepare for this change and look to switch to a cloud phone system long before 2025.

What’s more, with lockdown rules easing and businesses noticing the need for a futureproof solution, it makes sense to consider a move to the cloud, regardless of whether you will have a fully remote team, a skeleton office staff or something in between. After all, a cloud phone system means that your remote team don’t have to feel so remote, with audio and video calling at the touch of a button from any device, it’s easy to keep your staff members in the loop.

While keeping teams and customers connected is essential, it’s important to look at the cost aspect, especially in the current circumstances. Cloud phone systems are known for being cost effective as businesses no longer receive fluctuating monthly bills, which is a common occurrence with traditional phone systems. Instead, call charges are fixed, and much cheaper due to being made over an existing internet connection, meaning you know exactly what charges to expect each month.

If you would like to learn more about moving your communications to the cloud for little to no extra cost, get in touch with the Network Telecom team today. They’re currently offering three months free on all new cloud phone systems. Contact the team on or 0333 3603 899.