Event management business pulls off major logistical operation for City of Culture

An event management specialist has pulled off one of its biggest logistical operations to take City of Culture to the people of Coventry.

Stadium, which is based in the city, was hired to create the traffic management plan for Coventry Moves, the signature event of UK City of Culture, as well as to deploy staff to fulfil the plan.

That involved more than 100 Stadium staff allowing a series of processions to move through streets across the city – closing over 400 roads as they went.

The three cavalcades featured a range of cars from the 1960s, dancers, musicians, a collection of bicycles and even 14 modern-day Lady Godivas on horseback.

Scott Metcalfe, managing director of Stadium, said: “We were very proud to be appointed as the event was such a major landmark for the city of Coventry at the start of what promises to be a fantastic 12 months.

“That said, closing 400 roads over a 12-hour period – 33 every hour – making sure that everything was safe, especially with Covid restrictions in place, but also allowing people to join in and celebrate was a huge logistical exercise.

“It involved massive planning from the City of Culture events team and we worked hand in hand with them over the last few weeks and months. We had more than 100 staff involved on the day and it all went very well.

“The processions really drew people out into their gardens and the roadside, and the event was really well received. People entered into the spirit of the occasion and it got the City of Culture year off to a great start.”

Hector Macpherson Brown, head of event operations at City of Culture, said: “The event involved a hugely complex logistical operation, with a focus on traffic management, involving hundreds of performers, alongside dozens of vehicles and horses– with the main thrust of the day to bring the celebration into local communities.

“Stadium struck that balance perfectly and pulled off what was a very complex and constantly evolving exercise. They played a part in what was a really successful and enjoyable day.”