Boost to land and property development landscape as specialist firm launches

Phil Roberts, Atlas Land & Planning managing director
X The Business Desk

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A firm offering specialist services in land procurement and development opportunities has launched in Birmingham.

Atlas Land & Planning says it will help landowners, investors, builders and developers to capitalise on the growing opportunities in the city and beyond as the development landscape looks to be ramping up after the pandemic.

The company, based on Cornwall Street, is also part of a wider network of specialists providing access to finance, tax advice and specialist risk and insurance services.

Atlas is headed up by Phil Roberts, who said: “The pandemic has brought many challenges to the development landscape, including furloughed staff causing delays in development or planning application progress, and a shortage of building materials causing a price hike and impacting profit margins – also exacerbated by Brexit. At the same time, as restrictions now ease, the development opportunities are soaring as land becomes available again.

“Land that was earmarked for office development is now likely to be re-purposed for residential use, while property such as disused office space as a result of the remote working scenario will also be ripe for redevelopment. Additionally, with the plans around HS2, city living will become a much more attractive prospect. There is also of course a real housing shortage, and we work closely with providers of affordable housing. All of this is great news for developers and we think there is a rapidly growing appetite and that the market is set to accelerate again,” he added.

Atlas is part of the ARMCo group, which combines specialist lending, corporate support and insurance services, so funding can be put in place if needed by the developer, as well as tax advice or specialist risk insurance.

ARMCo founder Russell Martin added: “Atlas Land & Planning is a great addition to our group, and significantly aids our clients who benefit from this central services approach. The opportunities in the property and development market are currently there to be capitalised on, and we are confident that our offering is the best solution to the specific needs of this sector – regionally and nationally.”