Consultancy firm added to Department for Transport’s new team

Transport, engineering and placemaking consultancy PJA, has secured a role in the consultant team of the new executive agency body, Active Travel England (ATE).

ATE is the Department for Transport’s new cycling and walking executive agency with a £5.5m investment to be made into cycling and walking schemes.

In an effort to increase the standards of cycling and walking infrastructure, the agency will manage the national active travel budget and award funding for projects that meet the standards set out in 2020.

It will inspect finished schemes and ask for funds to be returned for any that have not been completed as promised or have not started or finished by the stipulated times.

PJA as part of the consultant team will help establish processes and protocols, as well as carry out inspections of planned designs referring to Local Transport Note 1/20 which PJA authored.

Chris Sibthorpe, PJA

Chris Sibthorpe, PJA’s active travel director said: “With the climate change emergency and focus on health and wellbeing following the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for thoughtfully designed streets to enable walking and cycling has never been greater.”

ATE will also help local authorities to train staff in ensuring good practice is carried out in design, implementation and public engagement.