Birmingham marketing agency moves to a four-day working week

Marketing agency Tribera has converted to a four-day working week following a successful trial in March.

The Birmingham-based agency says there was a boost in productivity, enhanced wellbeing and heightened morale within its team, without sacrificing client deliverables and profit.

Tribera will now work Monday to Thursday with no change in pay or benefits in order to allow employees to have an ideal work-life balance whilst continuing to deliver the same results.

Fran Nolan, the managing director at Tribera said: “Ever since we founded Tribera over three years ago, we have always had a flexible hours policy in place, so our team could work when it suits them best.

“I want our team to go to the gym during the day, to be able to pick their children up from school and to take a break when they need it.

“Within the content marketing industry, we are aware nothing is ever as simple as it seems, so we of course have contingencies when important client work happens to fall on a Friday. Our working days are flexible, so hours can be shifted around to suit the needs of both our clients and employees given advanced notice.”

The Tribera team are also benefitting from a new office in Birmingham city centre which features a meeting suite, a TikTok studio and workspaces. It also has launched a personal development system allowing employees to take two weeks per year to upskill.

Amber Ducane, Content Executive at Tribera said: “The four-day week has been amazing for both my professional and personal life. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my productivity, resulting in some remarkable results for our PR clients.

“My work-life balance has improved tenfold since the trial; it has allowed me to use Fridays to focus on things that matter to me, including my mental wellbeing”.

Following the trial, Tribera will continue to monitor and modify its four-day week initiative to ensure it is the most streamlined and effective plan possible.