£20m to be invested in businesses that make a ‘positive impact’

Mark Payton, CEO of Mercia

Mercia Asset Management has said its Knowledge-Intensive and annual Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) funds have raised a combined total of £20m in new capital during the last year.

The asset manager currently has around £948m of assets under management and will use the new funds to invest in high-growth businesses that generate a positive impact, as outlined by the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.
As a provider of both EIS and Venture Capital Trust investment capital, these successful fund raises, together with the £40m recently raised by the Northern VCTs, means that Mercia has raised more than £60m in new funds from individual investors during the last year.
Mark Payton, CEO of Mercia, commented: “As an exclusively national investor, focused on delivering capital and support to the UK regions, responsible investment is at our core. More broadly, Environmental, Social and Governance issues are quite rightly an increasingly important driver of investor decision making.

“More broadly, raising over £60million in new funds from individual investors during the last year is testament to how our increasingly successful track record of delivering attractive realisations is supporting Mercia’s strategy of scaling its assets under management.”

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