Seven hundred homes to be built on former MG site in Longbridge

Credit: Birmingham city council

Plans for up to 695 new homes and have been approved by Birmingham City Council.

The development on the former MG Rover plan in Longbridge will also feature commercial space, a community hub, areas of open public space, play areas and a cafe next to an old World War Two tunnels system.

The site was cleared in 2020, but developer St. Modwen says it aims to preserve heritage buildings which will be restored as part of the plans.

Some of the redevelopment sites include the international HQ, the Roundhouse, the Car Assembly Building (CAB1), the Conference Centre, and the Dalmuir Road steps which will form a connection to the town centre.

Councillors were assured that the development will have 15% of affordable housing available.

Objections to the plans were raised, such as parking issues, noise disturbances and flooding risks.

Conservative councillor Adrian Delaney said: “With an increase in the population and movement on and off the former factory site, this is putting additional strain on many local services including doctors’ surgeries, schools and the local road network.”

“Not only is the Lickey Road in serious need of repair with many potholes, but we also have a serious problem with flooding.

“The flooding issue in this location has been ongoing for many years and a long-term solution needs to be found before we agree to such a large development.”

The regeneration project by St. Modwen is set to create 7,500 jobs and 1,300 new homes overall.

The total of full-time jobs at Longbridge is now 10,500, which is 75% more than the original site of MG Rover in 2005.