Corporate finance firm launches ESG service

Corporate finance advisory firm Clearwater International has launched ESG Advisory, a service designed to improve Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and company valuations in the mid-market.

It said the service is set to address gaps in the ESG capabilities of mid-sized businesses, which may negatively impact their capacity to raise finance and deliver long-term sustainable growth.

The issue was highlighted by recent research which revealed that 97% of UK ‘deal doers’ are driven by, or conscious of, ESG throughout the transaction process and 60% have turned down deals because of concerns around this area.

Jo Daley, director and head of impact at Clearwater International, said: “Mid-market businesses often lack the expertise and capacity to ensure their growth and investment aspirations are underpinned by a robust ESG strategy.

“With stakeholder decision making increasingly shaped by ESG factors, our new service will address this capability gap, ensuring it doesn’t become a limiting factor for high-growth companies.

“Clearwater is in a strong position, with access to management and potential investors at a key juncture in a business’ development. It’s the optimal point to establish a consistent and scalable ESG reporting framework and a delivery plan that lays the groundwork for long-term success.

“We’re aiming to be a positive force multiplier by encouraging thoughtful capitalism and helping companies transition to a more impact-driven economy.”

Mark Taylor, UK CEO of Clearwater International, said: “Our clients have been faced with the rapid emergence of ESG as a key consideration in the everyday running of their business and their strategy going forward. We have reacted to this by investing in a dedicated team to help business owners navigate this area.

“Additionally ESG is viewed by funders as a strong indicator of good governance, innovation, resilience and the quality of management teams and their vision. Part of our role as key advisers is to ensure this important area of risk, and indeed value creation, is addressed as early as possible.

“The service is very much in line with our wider commitment to ESG. As one of the most active mid-market advisers in Europe, we expect that assisting all businesses will drive-up ESG standards for the long-term benefit of all stakeholders.”

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